Join the exclusive FocalOps Private Beta program

Are you ready to be part of exciting new IT finance automation in the Agile world shaping the future of Finance in Agile Software Development? If so, you sound like a great fit for FocalOps Beta.  

Kinect is issuing invitations for a select number of companies to participate FocalOps Beta. When you join our Beta, Kinect will engage with your organization integrating FocalOps SaaS within your Jira cloud and HR systems. Working with Kinect, you’ll be able to:

Would you like to participate? Space is limited so please complete this form and provide us more information about your organization and we will follow-up with you in a few days.  You can also email us for more information. Additional information about FocalOps Beta can be found in Beta FAQ below.


Private Beta is for a select group of companies who want to participate in the integration of FocalOps SaaS solution within their Jira Cloud & HR systems and provide feedback directly with Kinect team.  Users will be able to share their feedback on product 
features enhancing and shaping FocalOps to meet their Agile Software Development financial reporting needs. 

FocalOps SaaS integrates with Jira Cloud and Workday HR/Payroll Cloud out-of-the-box. Organizations who are not running Workday Cloud have the option of manually importing their HR/Payroll data in FocalOps. A step-by-step FocalOps on-boarding component along with the Kinect FocalOps team will make your integration easy. Companies that are not running Jira Cloud for their application lifecycle management system may email us and inquire about our timeline for other ALM systems that will be supported in the future.

Complete the questions in the Beta form and we will get back to you within a few days.