We Create Financial Solutions for an Agile World.

Why We Started?

It all started with a simple idea: How do we help Finance get IT? With the switch from waterfall to Agile software development, Finance leaders struggle with the question: "How to adjust for this change?" Why? Because Agile breaks all our old assumptions of the financials of IT projects. So, we decided to innovate by creating financial solutions for an Agile world that streamline record keeping and provide transparency to Finance, IT and Corporate leaders and managers, so they can strategize spending and invest in business growth. We named it FocalOps, and that’s how we started.

What We're Doing

We knew this idea was revolutionary. But we didn’t know how it might change IT-Finance and the impact of Agile. We strive to empower Finance to become more proactive and informed so they can deliver more value and impact for less cost. Today, we are ready to take on the status quo and pull the curtains wide open to let the sunshine in on the dark corners of IT spend so that all may be seen clearly, accurately and in great detail. We are bringing FocalOps to companies because we are here to help our clients be better prepared for today’s headwinds of uncertainty, change and cost reduction. It’s what we do and who we are. As technology and business become inseparable, we provide a bridge between the two. Together, our clients and FocalOps are changing the way the world manages IT-Finance.

Who We Are

The FocalOps team is here to make sure your company is maximizing your in-house Agile software development investment. We have deep experience working for and with the Fortune 500, leading technology companies, and start ups.

We deliver the best technology solutions and insights for our clients who are leaders in the Private Equity, Technology, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy, and Non-Profit fields. Our team has extensive expertise in Public and Hybrid Cloud, IT Structure, Teams, Processes, and the latest Agile/Lean methodologies… all the better to serve your needs and provide time-tested knowhow to bring you the best financial solutions for an Agile world. Our team is spread out in North America, Latin America and Europe to offer you a global perspective on IT-Finance.

Find out how to get the most out of your Agile software development investment today.

Since what you don’t know, can cost you, find out how we can help you get the most out of your Agile software development investment today.